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Introduction to money in shopping bags biz December 20, 2014

Posted by taiwojimoh in information marketing.

Packaging of products for take home is as old as humanity and with the discovery of POLYTHENE as a packaging material , it has been a case of the rise and rise of Polythene in the production of packaging materials.
Investment in Polythene is in low and high density raw materials e.g. LDPE, HDPE,
The production equipment needed is nylon extruder machine that is available in the country at affordable price.
The cost of establishing shopping bags manufacturing factory are between N1.4m for a big plant producing as many as 20000 pieces of nylon per day in ( 8 ) hours and N250,000 for a mini Plant that produces 5000 pieces in ( 8 )hours per day.
Investment in Polythene based shopping bags in Nigeria is very profitable for the following number of reasons—
1. Nigeria population is in excess of 150m and therefore presents a huge market for any product, shopping bags inclusive.
2. Production activities in Nigeria are on a very high scale with a GDP of $300b per year and products from these factories are package in nylon for customers cart away.
3. Agricultural activities in the country is also high and most the farm Produce are sold in the open market and packaged in nylon shopping bags e.g. Oranges, Ground nuts, Corn, vegetables , Garri, Plantain, Banana, etc.
4. They are very affordable to the generality of the people as they sold between N10 – N50 depending on their sizes, thickness and value addition such as branding and Graphics.
5. They are very light in weight and this is one of the main attractions of Polythene based shopping bags.
6. Nylon shopping bags are easily disposable by burning and do not constitute any environmental challenges to the neighbors and the people.
7. They are recyclable in a recycling plant and so resolve the fundamental challenges of availability of raw materials.
8. They also reusable at home as a cost cutting culture and thriftiness.
9. The raw materials for the production of nylon shopping bags are available in Nigeria Petrochemicals Plants in Kaduna, Warri, Port Harcourt, Eleme etc.
10. Nigeria has growing population demography and so the demand for these bags will be always on the increase.
In fact ,statistic gotten as far back as 2010 put the sale of shopping bags in Nigeria at 7 million pieces per day and producers of these low priced shopping bags are making as high as N500,000 per month .

Thank You and God bless you all
Taiye Alabi
08184932156 OR email@jtaconsult2012co@yahoo.com
PLS, contact the above for logistic supports and finders service.



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