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Introduction to money in Laundry biz December 20, 2014

Posted by taiwojimoh in information marketing.

Laundry is the washing, drying and ironing of clothes while dry cleaning is the washing of clothes with the use of some specialized cleaning equipment such as WASHERS, DRYERS, and VACUUM CLEANER FOR SUIT and WOOLS with special chemicals.
The laundry and dry cleaning processes start with collection of the materials for washing from our collection centers or through our pick and wash outlets.
Tagging is the next process; it is done after collection of the clothes, checking for forgotten items, money and documents, and examine any serious defects in the clothes.
All forgotten items are kept with the Laundry Manager for eventual return to the clients who deposited the clothes.
Inspection is then done where by the clothes are further subjected to more serious checking for damages, stains and washing combinations.
The next stage is stains removals and washing where by tough stains are first removed and followed by washing and drying.
Packaging and Delivery is the last stage in laundry and dry cleaning and is done in big folded nylon or hang in nylon with a duplicate of the invoice for identification and balance charges.
In final delivery, customers show up with their original invoices, pay any balance of the charges and collect his or her clothes.

Laundry was done mainly by hand by housewives as far back as 1886 when women fetched a lot of water for laundry.
Laundry by hand involves the soaking, beating, scrubbing and rinsing of dirty textiles.
With –in- door plumbing, laundry is done in the house by housewives with water from pipes and inside water tubs.
The entire process would take a whole day of hard work including drying and ironing.
Washing by machines was developed as a way to reduce the manual labor and time spent on laundry.
It provides open basin or sealed containers with paddles or fingers to automatically agitate the clothing. The earliest machines were hand operated and made of wood.
It has now developed to the use of electronically powered machines with motors that work with electricity and with more of artificial intelligence functions and economy of usage such as modern clothes washers, vacuum cleaners for suits and wools, dryers, packagers and automatic delivery.
Technology has now made the laundry and dry cleaning of clothes and sheets very effective, efficient and enjoyable.
The use of washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, computers and pressing irons ,tagging machine is now favored.
These machines are imported into the country and are available in Lagos and other major cities and towns.
The market for laundry and dry cleaning services in Nigeria is highly fragmented with small cleaning outfits that operate from small shops and some from their homes.
However, there are very few well organized, structured, and managed LAUNDRY FIRMS located in highbrows’ areas such as Ikeja, Surulere, Lekki and other urban and semi urban areas of the country.
In Lagos ,( LEKKI ) where this laundry and dry cleaning firm is to operate from ,garments care command about 10,000 clients while the market is calculated at 5% of corporate workers that dress well and always busy to do their laundry( 900,000 ).

Out of population figure of 18.5m people ,about 5% ( 900,000 ) are corporate workers.
I believe this figure is highly under given, because it took stock of only 5% of corporate workers of the population of Lagos and neglecting the remaining 95% of the population.
I am of the opinion that laundry and dry cleaning services among non-corporate workers is not less than 10%of the remaining population (18,500,000 -900,000)=17.6 m which came to around 1.7 customers unaccounted for as shown in the service poll conducted by jta consulting just before the commencement of this plan /study as about 15% of 1000 samples of service requests taken strongly agreed to patronize a laundry and dry cleaning firm if their services were –
1. Disruptions free
2. Devoid of damages to their clothes
3. Available at the end of week
4. Satisfactory and at affordable prices.
This is also shown in the patronage the local washer men /launderers are enjoying in Lagos especially during end of week engagements in social functions, churches, mosques, and casual visiting.
Taiye Alabi
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