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Introduction to money in ice blocks biz December 20, 2014

Posted by taiwojimoh in information marketing.

Nigeria is a country located on the tropic ,all countries on the tropic have tropical weather and climate.
Nigeria have tropical climate with sharp regional variances depending on Rainfall .
Nigeria is a zone where warm ,moist air from the Atlantic converges with hot,and dusty air from the sahara known locally as HARMATAN .
Nigeria climate hovers between dry and raining seasons.
Temperatures in Nigeria are high throughout the year, averaging 25-28 c.
Dry season in Nigeria starts from October –March while Raining season starts from April to September.

This is the business of freezing water below zero degree and into negative degrees to turn it into hard mold of block that are sold to people ,traders ,hawkers to make their products cold, chilled and appealing to buyers who want to nourish their body with cold, chilled water and drinks.
The ice blocks are purchased by vendors of flavored drinks, juices, water, bottled drinks, and food joints.
Their biggest bulk customers are the Organizers of weekend parties, meetings, weddings, and events planners and their biggest retail customers are the millions of workers, artisans, technicians, and traders who thronged the urban centers and cities every working day as evident in the cities of Lagos, Aba, Onitsha, Kano, and Abuja.

-As exposed earlier on, Nigeria is located in the tropics which are characterized by climate swings between HOT and COLD seasons.
-There is so much traffic challenges in Nigerian cities, especially, Lagos,Aba,Onitsha,Kano that prompt the people to demand for cold ,chilled liquids.
-Erratic power supply from PHCN means that people at home will also buy cold and chilled drinks from elsewhere.
-Freezing protects and preserves the drinks, flavours , milk in these drinks.
-Freezing makes these drinks tastier and enjoyable.
-Cold and chilled drinks quench thirst faster than the ordinary.
-It is a business you can start with small capital and then nurture it to enviable status.
-It is a business you can start and do at home and then expand outside.
-It is an all year round business as our climate is averagely hot all the year.
Critical analysis of the ice blocks making business over several years revealed the following positive conclusions-.
1. It has a wider market base span across all the lengths and breadth of the country with Lagos identified as the largest ice blocks market in Nigeria.
2. It is very profitable when one considers the demographic advantages of appealing to both the old, middle age, young and even infants. i. e for a range of ( 5-60 years ) which harbor more than 70% of the population of 150m Nigerians excluding immigrants and visitors.
3. It can be sold and consumed on the move, a sort of Traffic business and in Lagos substantial quantities are sold and consumed during the inevitable traffic gridlocks on our roads every day.
4. It can be sold in social gatherings, events, and parties.
5. It can be sold in our educational institutions such as primary schools, colleges, and higher Institutions.
6. It can be sold in various Government and private hospitals in the country.
7. It can be sold to neighborhood restaurants that have no capacity to invest in freezers and fridges.
8. It can be sold to millions of construction sites workers on their sites.
9. It can be sold to millions of 7/11 neighborhood stores and shops that have on freezers or fridges.
10. It can be sold to millions of homes without freezers or fridges or who are facing power supply challenges.
11. It can be sold in various churches and mosques especially during religious gatherings, crusades, harvests, worships etc.
12. It can be sold in various motor garages and parks to commuters and transport workers.

The basic requirements for this business are –
-A shop/home/factory
-Deep freezers
-Commercial ice blocks molding machines
-A generator
-A car or bus for distribution and marketing
-Staff and manager if on a commercial scale.
Ice blocks molding machines are available in the country in
( 2 ) broad categories of locally fabricated and imported ones.
Their molds are in ( 40 ) ( 60 ) ( 100 ) ( 120 ) ( 200 ) production capacities and it take minimum of 12 hours for molds to be solid for market entrance.

These machines produce (2) types of ice block molds
-DRY ICE which is done in NYLON
-ANTI-FREEZE ICE which is done in containers and assisted by some chemicals that hastens freezing: Be very careful as this type deepfreezes faster than dry ice in nylon.
In fact, you are advised to go for the (100 ) molds locally fabricated machines for some reasons.
The costs of the machines is rated according to their molds capacity-
(100) =N500,000
(120) =N500, 000 – N600, 000
(132) =N750,000
The price of the molds in raining season are N50 and N100 for the big and small ones respectively while in dry season the N50 goes for N100 while the N100 goes for N150.
The profitability of the business is assured as a (100) molds capacity ice blocks molding machine gives you N5000 a day if you produced only the N50 mold and N10,000 a day if you produced the N100 mold and you are able to produce for a
full day of 24 hours YOU DOUBLE YOUR TAKINGS…and this is with only ( 1 ) machine ,imagine if you can have up to 5 machine, imagine making N50,000 a day from ice block molds alone .
Thank You for your interest on the above, I am very sure that you shall exploit the opportunities exposed in this write-up and join the league of people making MILLIONS of NAIRA from ICE BLOCKS MOLDING IN NIGERIA.

Thank You

Taiye Alabi
Lagos, Nigeria.
Pls, contact the above for logistics supports and finders service on ice blocks machines and other set-up issues or email jtaconsult2012co@yahoo.com



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