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RE: Join the Paints Millionaires in Nigeria! October 15, 2013

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Why invest in paints?
Paints are liquids that solidify when exposed to air and are used to cover surfaces for decorative and protective reasons .It is formed by mixing a pigment ( The substance that provide the color ) and a binder ,a fluid vehicle such as Linseed Oil that solidifies when exposed to air.
It is used to describe some combinations of substances that consist of a pigment suspended in a liquid or paste vehicle such as oil or water.
Paints are products of great economic importance when one consider its primordial and present usage and applications.
It was used first used by the Egyptians and Hebrews as protective coatings for their ships but now its uses transverse several areas of industrial and personal terrain-
-Paints are still being used in protecting several objects and items such as brick, steel, wood, etc.
-Paints are being used as decorative medium in several parts of human existence such as our homes, offices, kitchens, car, surfaces, plastics, clothes, etc.
-Paints are also being used as beatifications for humans as seen in lipsticks, face masks, body covers, and nail paints.
-Paints are being used by our Artists, Sculptors, and Printers to beautify their work of Arts.
-Paints are being used in corrective measures as seen in the paints used to fill blank spaces on walls, woods, iron and steel, tiles etc.
-Paints are being used to prevent decaying, peeling and rusting of steel and metals in underwater environment as seen in submarines, marine missiles, ships anchorage etc.
-Paint has regenerative ability and quality as it can turn new all old surfaces and bring out their beauty and lead to a better valuation of the objects.
-Paintings not only give our homes and offices facelifts but also give our faces social uplift as seen in the positive image it gives when we paints our homes and offices especially during festival periods and occasional social activities such as official launching and commissioning, inspections, naming ceremonies, club visits, parties and other social gatherings.
However, the most widely acclaimed application of paints in human life is the personal use of paints in our and homes, offices and factories and this is where industrial production of paints is concentrated.

In Nigeria, millions of buildings need painting or facelifts and the market is increasing on a daily basis as the housing stock of Nigeria increases due to the efforts of the Federal ,State and other multilateral agencies in increasing the housing stock of Nigeria that is about 50m units below millennium target!
As the fortunes of Nigeria increase and by extension that of her citizen, individual houses are going to be developed by corporate and professional estate managers as visible along Mowe/Ibafo ,Lekki-Ajah AREAS of Lagos. Other Areas are following such as Ikorodu, Epe, Agege and Agbado Areas.
All of them are going to require paints and painting and other associated services such as painters, chemical dealers, rollers and brushes sellers, food sellers on construction sites, etc. and this bring to the front burner the multiplier effects of investments in paints and related products and services.
The economic activities in paints and painting are bringing millions of naira into the pockets of millions of Nigerians who are able and willing to invest their money in Paint production ,these opportunities are not going to stop now or in future as humans would always crave for the protections, decorations, renewals, facelifts that paints and painting bring to us.
The raw materials for paint production are available in Nigeria, in various markets in Lagos, Onitsha, Kano and Aba.
In fact, 80% of the materials are locally available and with only 20% shortfall being filled by importation, the opportunities for amassing fortunes in paints production is endless!!!
You are all invited to become a Professional Paints Maker and JOIN the club of the MILLIONAIRES in NIGERIA!
Take advantage position NOW by ORDERING a soft copy of the INTRODUCTORY REPORT ON PAINTS PRODUCTION by following the STEPS below-
1. Pay a sum of N5000 into A/C 3060602579 with FBN Jibowu Yaba Br ifo. JIMOH TAIWO ALABI.
2. Text the amount paid ,teller reference, date of payment and the Title of the report to 08082619232,08184932156 or to email address jtaconsult2012co@yahoo.com.
3. Hurry and be among the ( 1 – 50 ) buyers to enjoy a discount of N2000 as Easter bonanza and gift of 67 free topical eBooks from various authors.
4. You will also get a further discount of N5000 on our practical seminar on paints production slated for June  2014.
All the above are Easter month bonanza and expire at the end of the month and I am sure you are going to gain much more than your naira`s worth as it contained-
1. A complete laboratory accessories listings in Excel format.
2. A complete colour formulations in Excel format
3. A complete formulation guides which have been kept secret for long by professional paint makers.

HURRY ! HURRY!! HURRY!!! 2 take advantage of the easter bonanza and join the exclusive  paints millionaires club in Nigeria….

Thank You all as your patronage is our motivation.
Taiye Alabi April 05, 2014.

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