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How to make money from your homes March 1, 2013

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The small businesses are the business being carried on by thousands and millions of people as producers, manufacturer, and service providers in a very small scale, some even from a very small shops, homes and open spaces in their neighborhoods.These businesses need very small capital, minimal labor, and manageable costs and are own by one or very few investors.
They offer face to face service to the customers and therefore offer far better levels of service when compared to the BIG CORPORATIONS.
Their key personnel also render front office or shop services to the customers, they know their customers: Their needs, preferences and tastes and can offer direct credit to them and ensure they pay back on time.
This kind of business is the largest economic sub sector in any country especially the growing ones both in population and economic activities and are being own and run by the ENTREPRENEURS but we now have another sub sector which is now known as MICROPRENEURSHIP
Micropreneurs are a new breed of small scale producesr, manufactiurers and service providers who operate from their homes ,who are well educated ,who loves and enjoy the freedom from their new engagement.
Micropreneurs are the mini entrepreneurs that own and run millions of small businesses from their homes and small shops .They combine non-traditional resources to produce goods and services, they have little or no overhead, small staff, no office or factory space and little capital.
Their major attraction is freedom and financial independence, they are well educated, and take little risks in their businesses.
Their mindsets focus on
The greatest requirement of this kind of business is strong desire and self –discipline including the ability
to make the right decision .
The other differences between them and the traditional ENTREPRENEURS are that –
1.They don’t have STAFF and PAYROLL expenses
2.They don’t borrow to operate but instead depend on their small capital
3.They don’t logistics challenges but network with fellow micropreneurs to resolve them.
4.They don’t take big risks in the running of their business.
5.They are creative and not competive.
That is WHY they are called the PERFECT BUSINESS –A business with ZERO CAPITAL and LOW RUNING EXPENSES.
This kind of business grew due to some fundamental changes in the working environments and general economic shifts such as –
1.Job losses in millions
2.Longer and harder working hours and other conditions
3.The crave for freedom by the working class
4.lack of financial independence
5.Growing opportunities in small scale production and services
6.Availability of small technologies
7.Information technology and computer
The future of micropreneurship is very bright when we consider the growing opportunities in the micro sector of an economy of a growing country especially those with early retirements and the current information age with its computer knowledge and endless opportunities in information business and technology and the survival rate is very enticing as shown in a LINK RESOURCES study concluded between 1989-1992 in the USA and found out that ONLY 5 % of home based businesses failed each year.
LINK RESOURCES also concluded that –The average household income of home based businesses is almost TWICE that of the average SALARIED workers and that 20% of all households home based businesses earn excess of $75,0000 per annum ( N)
This is the business I am introducing to you in this e-book including the principles, guidelines and strategies to excel as a MICROPRENEUR.


Manage your retirement income to give you peace of mind March 1, 2013

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Managing your retirement income
The decisions people make before they retire as well as the lifestyle they choose afterwards are very important to their financial future, SIMON EJEMBI writes.
When fortune smiles on some people, they are often tempted to conclude that “the good times will last forever”. Take an individual who earns close to N1m or more in a month for instance. Aside from his monthly income, the person knows that upon retirement after up to 20 years, millions in retirement savings will be at his or her disposal. But the reality according to financial analysts is that regardless of how huge the wealth you have acquired is, it can be exhausted before your time is up.
Indeed, many politicians, actors, business men and musicians, etc. who once controlled millions and even billions at some point have gone on to die in poverty. If you are one of those who think it is impossible to spend so much wealth in a life time, think about the likes of heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson and music star MC Hammer. In the course of his boxing career Tyson is estimated to have earned between $300m to $400m yet he ended up filing for bankruptcy with reports saying he was worth about $700 at one point.
To avoid a similar fate experts say it is important not only to plan ahead of retirement, but to also make lifestyle adjustments after retirement. According to them many retirees run out of money because they chose to sustain the lifestyle they kept before the retire; despite the fact that they had to rely just on pensions and whatever income they realize from investments they made while working.
Take action
While many people, especially civil servants, work until they are forced to retire, others retire early – having set a target for themselves.
With the contributory pension scheme adopted in Nigeria today, most workers are certain to have some form of savings when they retire. For those who are self-employed, it is advised that they have retirement savings. To boost the chances of having enough money for the retirement years, financial analysts advise people to find other means of savings and to have some form of investment – in property, stock, etc.
It is very important that you review your finances before you retire. In doing these you have to keep your plans in view – that dream vacation, and so on. Determine your needs and how much money you have. Will your savings and expected income from your investment be enough to give you a comfortable retirement? Do you realistically think that your retirement income will be enough? Can you live on half of your pre-retirement income for years?
These are questions you need to answer in reviewing your finances. An analysis of your finances helps you to determine whether you are ready for retirement or not and what adjustments you need to make if you are to cope.
Delay retirement if you have to
It seems fun to retire at 35 or 40. Surely many people will love that. But in the country we have people being forced to retire and many others calling for the retirement age to increased; they are ready to work until they are 70. And even when they are forced to retire from an organisation, before long they go in search of employment in other organisation, insisting that “they are retired, but not tired”. While the phrase may truly apply to some people, many people keep going because they fail to make appropriate plans for their retirement. The solution to this is to start planning for retirement right from the moment you get a job.
But in situations where financial analysis shows that you do not have enough to go on when you retire experts say it will be wise to delay retirement if possible until a reasonable retirement plan is put in place.
The purpose of this is to give you time to build your retirement plan and investment. If one more year in paid employment will help you achieve one major goal – completing your own home for instance – without having to rely on your retirement accounts. Why not?
Reduce expenses, adjust lifestyle
Upon retirement, the first line of action is to come up with a plan to curb spending. Doing this, will help your money last longer. To curb spending, all expenses have to be budget-based. This will help you avoid unnecessary expenditure.
In order to make lifestyle adjustment, you need to really understand you income and needs. While some people, because of their investments over time, do not have make adjustments, many others have to. These adjustments can cut across everything; the number of events you attend, the number of cars you have, the type of house you live in, the number of hours you keep your generator on and even the nature of restaurants you patronise, etc.
Having many people depending on you after you retire can be a huge burden. If this is the case, it is important that you come up with a plan to change the situation as soon as you can. Adults should be prepped to move out and be independent and special savings ought to have been made to take care of the educational needs of the younger children.
To avoid these sorts of challenges, financial experts advise parents to not only train their children and wards to be financially responsible, but also to be independent from a certain age. Educating people around you financially right from time will help make retirement easy for you. At least it may prevent them from saying things like, “She became wicked after retirement.”
People who have failed to heed this advice often find themselves with many ‘mouths’ to feed, this in turn mean they might have to come out of retirement just to make ends meet.
Again, downsizing effectively requires having a good grasp of your income and spending needs.
You may not have to downsise if you have enough saved to carry you through retirement. But if you don’t, you’ll need to make some adjustments.
Monitor your health
If you have never paid attention to what your doctor says or health magazines make it a point to do so during retirement. By adopting a healthy lifestyle – eating healthy and exercising regularly – you can save thousands and even millions in health bills. A serious illness can drain all your savings in a matter of months. So take your health seriously now and when you retire.
Manage investments effectively
For people, who have investments, it is important for them to manage them properly and understand how they work. That way, they know when and investment is not performing and what to do in a situation like that. The point is, do not just invest; understand the risks and how to mitigate them.
Experts advise retirees to review their investment accounts from time to time. And to, with the assistance of professionals, rebalance their portfolio when the need arise.


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One of the most amazing thing about plantain are its nutritional values which contain almost all essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibers and essential trace elements .
-Energy producing nutrients
Plantain contains carbon hydrates, sugars, fibers, proteins, and fats which produce energy and heat for the human body.
Plantain also contains several essential vitamins such as A1, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 vitamin C and K.
Vitamins are needed in the body in very small quantity to trigger the thousands of chemical reactions necessary to maintain good health. Their functions include acting as antioxidants, enhances the body use of carbon hydrates, proteins and fats.
They are also critical in the formation of blood cells, hormones, neuron transmitters and DNA.
-Minerals and trace elements
Plantain contains potassium which controls body water balance and regulate
Such nerve processes as nerve transmissions, muscle contraction and normal heart rhythm.
It contains calcium which gives strong , healthy bones and teeth in both children and adults.
It finally contains essential trace elements such as iron, magnesium, zinc.
These are metabolic catalyst with varieties of metabolisms of actions and have been increasingly recognized for their role in the healing of wounds , replacements and growth of body tissues.

The nutritional values of a kg of plantain

These are the values that make plantain one of the most consumed food crop in the world and investment in this crop is very profitable and discerning investors
are invited to come and join the millions
of people earning millions of NAIRA and DOLLARS from plantain plantation.
For further enquiries and consultancy
Please,contact jta consulting,Lagos.
Our email is jtaconsult2012co@yahoo.com
Gsm-08082619232 ,08184932156

Money in livestock feedmills in Nigeria March 1, 2013

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Hi, investors, lets know the reasons why millions of investors would invest their lifesavings in feed-mills
and bag millions of NAIRA every day from their feed mills
in Nigeria and elsewhere.
Some of these reasons are –
1. It has been confirmed that about 75% of running cost of a livestock farm is dedicated to feeding.
2. There is a growing and increasing demand for proteins in the country and even worldwide.
3. There is astronomical growth in the populations of livestock in Nigeria e.g. there are more than 150m birds in Nigeria from official sources while the unofficial figure is much more.
4. There is a large presence of poultry and animal farmers in Nigeria.
5. The production of livestock feeds could not be undertaken in commercial quantities by the farmers.
6. There is always an increasing population of poultry stocks and other animals in the country.
The purpose of this e-book is to reveal to us the great business opportunities in commercial poultry feeds production in Nigeria and the remaining portion of this write –up would be dedicated to this issue.
-I will teach you in this e-book the ingredients needed and where to get them and time to get them cheaply.
-I will show you in graphical formats the right combinations and proportions of the ingredients
needed to produce a bag of feed.
-I will also reveal to you the type of feeds available in the market.
-I will reveal to you the equipments needed and their cost and where to get them.
-In addition to the above, I will let you know how to set up a Poultry feed-mill and the production processes involved.
-Finally, I will show you the profitability of the venture with an analysis of a 100/ 25 kg bags production unit per month.
Let’s begin our journey into financial independence and prosperity in 2013 with POULTRY FEEDS PRODUCTION…